Weedlines: A Sargassum Research Blog


Welcome to Weedlines, our spot on the web where we will blog and share information from sea this summer while conducting research on Sargassum habitats and their associated fish communities in the Gulf of Mexico. This project, funded by the NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program, is a collaborative research effort among scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi, the University of South Florida, and the NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center (Pascagoula Laboratory). We have two cruises scheduled for this summer, the first being May 30 to June 7.

That’s just two weeks away!

We will set sail from Gulfport, Mississippi aboard the R/V Point Sur, a 135-foot research vessel owned by the University of Southern Mississippi. From there we will search for floating Sargassum seaweed and collect a suite of biological and oceanographic data to evaluate the relative importance of this habitat to managed fish species. Along the way, we will use this blog and Twitter to post “Daily Updates”, cool pics, short “Mission Highlights” that provide background information on our research, and other information related to Sargassum communities.

Our next post will have more information about our project, so stay tuned.

 Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to join us here and on Twitter to follow along !

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