Dr. Luciano Chiaverano

Dr. Luciano Chiaverano



  • M.S., Marine Biology, Universidad de Mar del Plata, Argentina
  • Ph.D., Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL

Research Interests

My research focuses on environmental effects on the distribution of macrozooplankton in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, with emphasis on gelatinous zooplankton and ichtyoplankton. I use an in-situ imaging system (ISIIS) to establish high-resolution taxon-specific distributional patterns of zooplankton abundance and their relationship with physical properties of the water column. I am interested in the association of zooplankton taxa with different water masses, as well as in the differences (and similarities) in spatial distribution among zooplankton taxa and the potential physical mechanisms (e.g., water stratification) behind those distributional patterns. In addition, I am also interested in assessing long-term environmental effects (e.g., river discharge) on zooplankton abundance and community composition in the northern Gulf of Mexico.