The Fisheries Oceanography and Ecology Lab receives NOAA RESTORE Award!


We are very pleased to announce that the Fisheries Oceanography and Ecology Lab is one of the 15 teams awarded funding from the NOAA RESTORE Science Program! This project, Linking habitat to recruitment: evaluating the importance of pelagic Sargassum to fisheries management in the Gulf of Mexico, includes four, 9-day research cruises aboard the University of Southern Mississippi’s R/V Point Sur, one of which we have already completed with great success. (So, please stay tuned to see updates from our exciting 2017 field campaign!) On these cruises, we will sample Sargassum, a holopelagic brown algae complex to evaluate its nursery function and fisheries importance. We are very excited to collaborate with colleagues Dr. Chuanmin Hu (University of South Florida), Dr. Kevin Dillon (University of Southern Mississippi), and Glenn Zapfe and Dr. Walter Ingram (NOAA Fisheries) and we look forward to this new and exciting research!

Please see the announcement here!